Collection: Mindanao's Aromatic Coffee


Many do not know that around 70% of the coffee produced in the Philippines are in MINDANAO, of which the region of SOCCSKSARGEN (South Cotabato, Cotabato Province, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, GenSan) is the biggest producer. Blessed by high altitude, the MINDANAO mountain ranges are able to produce specialty Arabica and fine Robusta. It has also started to create a premium market niche in the growing global trend for high-quality coffee.

However, majority of this coffee production are by smallholder coffee farmers and indigenous communities who have grown and roasted coffee at the highlands for generations. PHILIA chose to partner with them to ensure these smallholder farmers and producers get the fair price and steady market flow of their products.

Finest coffee can only come from locations and local communities who have a deep tradition of coffee growing and roasting. This is why PHILIA chose to work with communities who have been growing and roasting coffee for generations, the indigenous people of Blaan, Manobo and Teduray  and the dedicated local coffee farmers of where coffee will best thrive, the rainforests of MINDANAO. Where the majestic mountains and highest peaks in the Philippines are located, Mt. Apo, Mt. Matutum and the Daguma mountain range of Sultan Kudarat. The wealth of their traditional methodologies of growing and roasting coffee are all reflected by a very unique coffee taste notes.

Our Premium Arabica coffee is from Mt. Matutum, South Cotabato where we work with the Blaan people while our Fine Robusta coffee is from Sultan Kudarat where we work with the Manobo and Teduray communities.  We also have our on request only, the Balos or civet cat coffeewhere we ensure that these amazing cats are left in the wild and are at their natural habitat at Mt. Matutum. We work with Blaan communities for this too.  

We give premium importance to keeping our rainforest protected and so we bring you ONLY “shade-grown” coffee.  We harvest only the RIPE coffee berries. All picked and sorted by the careful HANDS of our coffee farmers. Through years of collaboration and community development, our coffee farmers have adhered to this sustainable farming methodologies. Indeed, our coffee community partners, especially the indigenous people are our rainforests' guardians. 

QUALITY COFFEE starts from where it was grown and how it is being prepared. Single Origin, responsibly sourced.

To ensure the highest flavor sensation and best aroma, this Single Origin coffee beans are freshly roasted in small batches. We pack all our coffee products by hands to ensure the best quality for your final brew. Indeed, this gift of MINDANAO is for every coffee lover out there.

Coffee is best as a breakfast partner because of its smell and taste. It is also rich in antioxidants and countless health benefits. A good coffee is also the best companion of your day. Avoid undesirable add-ins like artificial sweeteners, keep it pure as possible. 

Only the best selected for you!