Our Compelling Purpose

Connecting Communities. Elevating Lives.

Our purpose primarily is to connect smallholder communities who are our co-creators of best value products, they are farmers, fisherfolk, artisan communities, indigenous people, and small-scale producers. We bring their products directly to the market. We simplify the multi-layered value chain, remove the unnecessary costs so we can augment the income opportunities of these producers. We then empower them to be marketplace-competitive, collaborate with them to improve their respective systems and processes while having a growing business and eventually elevating more lives in the process.


We offer best value products because the customers deserve it. We support the smallholder communities because they need it more. Applying "economics of caring", we collaborate and support each other so the benefit can be equitably shared, and no one will be left behind.


At the end of the day, PHILIA aims to achieve sustainability. Our business is not only friendly to the producers and consumers but also to the planet. The materials that we use are all environment friendly, from our agricultural narrative to our product packaging. We bring ONLY the best value products to the marketplace that were responsibly sourced, naturally processed, handmade, and organic. We aim to lead the socio-economic and environmentally conscious businesses. We are committed to care for our people, our partners, our customers, and our planet.


Ultimately, this is our win-win strategy for an inclusive recovery during this trying time of the CoViD19 pandemic and strengthening the resilience of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to threats and crises.