Collection: Philippines' Ambrosial Cacao


The Philippines is blessed by rich soil, unique climate and with wide tropical rainforests that are truly ideal to grow the best CACAO trees abundantly. Cacao can only grow to specific locations, just within the 20 degrees latitude north and south of the equator or known as the cacao belt where Philippines is situated at the heart of it, making it a sweet spot.

The Philippine Cacao was even made more special as Philippines is also the home to many tropical fruit trees which are excellent cultivars that make the flavor of cacao earthy, nutty, and sweet. Perfect for any chocolate recipe. For several hundreds of years, cacao has been part of Philippine history. Different recipes and products have been created that have been passed down through generations that up to today, we still gladly enjoy.

However, majority of this CACAO production are by smallholder cacao farmers and indigenous people who have grown and been processing cacao beans at the highlands for generations. PHILIA chose to partner with them to ensure these smallholder farmers and producers get the fair price and steady market flow of their products. 

Finest cacao products can only come from locations and local communities who have a deep tradition of cacao growing and developing cacao products. This is why PHILIA chose to work with the Manobo communities (indigenous people) and dedicated local cacao farmers where cacao will best thrive, at the rainforests and mountain ranges of Davao region and SOCCSKSARGEN. 

This sweet spot region for cacao and the wealth of their traditional methodologies of growing and processing cacao are all reflected by a very unique cacao taste notes. A perfect blend of astringency and bitterness.  

PHILIA’s pure Tablea and Cacao Nibs are from traditional methodologies of making these products, an heirloom recipe that was passed down from Grandmas for generations, like that of Lola Aquilla from Davao and Keziah's of Sultan Kudarat.

ALL PHILIA products are responsibly sourced. We give premium importance to keeping our rainforest and watershed protected. We bring you ONLY “shade-grown” cacao. All our cacao beans are ONLY from ripe cacao pods picked and sorted by the careful HANDS of our cacao farmers. 

To ensure the highest flavor sensation and quality, all our cacao beans go through the meticulous traditional process of fermenting, drying, and aging.   All our cacao beans are roasted in small batches to measure up on taste and smell.

QUALITY CACAO starts from where it was grown and how it is being prepared. Responsibly sourced and traded fairly. 

We pack all our cacao products by hands to ensure the best quality for your chocolate indulgence. Indeed, these gifts of Philippine Rainforests is for every chocolate lover out there.

Simply pure, simply the best.