About Us

PHILIA is an impact driven organization (Social Enterprise) that acts as the market-conduit of Filipino smallholder farmers especially of Coffee, Cacao, Coconut, Cane and other agricultural products. We also partner with small-scale artisan communities, indigenous people, and small-scale producers in bringing their products directly to their market. Through strategic approaches and innovative interventions, we empower these small community enterprises to become more competitive in the marketplace. We too help them to improve themselves through their processes and systems while having a growing business and co-create more opportunities with them.
Sultan Kudarat Coffee Partners
Our community business partners are from different parts of the Philippines. Some of them are from the different indigenous communities (Blaan, Tboli, Manobo-Dulangan, Teduray and Tagakaulo) living at the highlands within the Philippines tropical rainforests and some are from the distant islands of the country.
All PHILIA products were responsibly sourced and co-created with Filipino smallholder communities who are keepers of traditions, heirloom recipes and are stewards of nature, some were proudly handmade and ALL are products of Filipino excellence passed down through generations.

PHILIA aims to achieve sustainability. Our business is not only friendly to the producers and consumers but also to the planet. This was our win-win strategy for an inclusive recovery during the pandemic and now as we are in the “new normal”, we also aim to be part of the solutions to strengthen the resilience of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to threats and crises.