Collection: Cold Brew Coffee

We created these beverages with the intention of helping to ease the burden of our Frontliners during the Covid pandemic, as the health systems were overwhelmed. With Labor Day (May 1) approaching, we thought it was the perfect time to honor the invaluable service of our Frontliners.

Initially, we handcrafted these beverages exclusively for the Frontliners, and we were thrilled to hear that it was well-received.

Due to popular demand from supporters, believers, and friends in PHILIA who wanted to try this specially handcrafted beverage, we decided to make it available for everyone to enjoy.

Our Cold Brew Coffee base is made from our very own Single-Origin coffee, steeped for at least 12 hours in regulated cold temperature. We carefully selected the flavors to highlight the different coffee taste notes. We use our own base materials, such as cacao for the chocolate flavors, our sugar for the sweeteners, and fruits concentrate hand-processed by our farming community partners. Each 300ml bottle is guaranteed to have NO preservatives added.

This beverage is specially brewed and handcrafted for you!