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Antique - Muscovado Sugar

Antique - Muscovado Sugar

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Muscovado is a specialty sugar, unrefined and characterized by a deep brown color, soft sticky texture, and rich molasses flavor. Too often confused with brown sugar but is much more interesting than the average sweetener. Since the molasses contains vitamins and minerals, the "crude" process by which muscovado is produced ensures its higher nutritive value compared to refined sugar.

Muscovado is best as breakfast partner for coffee or hot chocolate (tablea) because of its well blending taste. It is also an excellent ingredient for making local sweets and specialty breads and delicacies, and is a favored sweetener in making chocolate, its natural color and flavor allowing you to do away with artificial colors and flavorings.

  • Organic
  • Air-Tight Canister engineered for product freshness and quality
  • 350 grams / 1 kilograms (Pouch)

Unrefined and naturally good!


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