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Sultan Kudarat - Coco Sugar

Sultan Kudarat - Coco Sugar

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Coconut is one of the major crops that the Philippines produces, after rice and corn. It also occupies a large part of our agricultural landscape and the majority of our coconut farmers are smallholders. Perceived as the “Tree of Life” Coconut has many uses and many valuable products have been produced out of it, including food, furniture and even biodiesel.

Coco Sugar (coconut sugar) is one of the high value products of Coconut. It comes from the coconut sap where harvesters collect the nectar from the tree’s flower-bud stem which are then processed minimally in a small processing facility by our community partners at the province of Sultan Kudarat.  

It is 100% plant-based, a natural sweetener with almost the same nutrients and calories of regular (brown) cane sugar. Many nutrients that can be derived from Coconut were retained in the coco sugar, so it is also rich in iron, zinc, calcium and potassium.  

Naturally sweet, naturally good! 


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