Collection: CACAO NIBS - Pure & Premium Coated


As part of our mission in making our partner communities market-competitive, we have engaged them through the process of product innovation where we co-create with them some improvements to existing products in the market or start a new one. Building on from the collective wisdom of the community and PHILIA’s dedicated team, we have developed new products that will bring more economic opportunities.

Because of the CoViD pandemic, the importance of healthcare and keeping a healthy lifestyle such as eating well, exercising, and avoiding harmful substances has become so imminent. Dramatically, the world shifted their product choices and the demand for healthier options and better health care services has been so staggering. Collectively and individually, there became more intentional on better health and body nourishment. 

Also, learning from the first few months of the pandemic, the need to grow local foods has never been so imperative as before, that is why a lot has gone back to home gardening and strengthening their respective community marketplaces.

Having realized all these, we are affirmed that our new line for our cacao products, the COATED Cacao Nibs, will be supported by the market. The coating flavors were carefully selected to suit the public taste preference but with strong emphasis on health benefits and local availability.

Staying consistent to our brand philosophy, we use materials that are locally grown, not harmful to the environment and able to support our smallholder communities especially the farmers, small-scale producers, and the indigenous people.

We bring you, our COATED Cacao Nibs.

A great superfood and chocolate bits that you can nibble without the guilt.